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Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

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With its automated food dispensing system, adjustable portion control, and intuitive programming options, you can customize feeding schedules to suit your pet's needs.


  • 4.5-liter capacity automatic pet feeder for all pets
  • Prevents hunger when you're away due to work, overtime, or trips
  • Removable food tank and stainless steel tray for easy cleaning
  • Button protection design and stable, non-slip base
  • Infrared sensor monitors food level
  • Panel button design for flexible meal scheduling
  • 1-4 meals per day, up to 20 servings per meal (100 grams)
  • Voice recording feature to remind your pet to eat
  • 10-second voice message played 3 times before each meal
  • Dual power mode: battery (3D size) and AC adapter
  • Suitable for indoor use, avoid exposure to rain or water

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