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Automatic Pet Feeder

Automatic Pet Feeder

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This automatic pet feeder is designed for convenience and peace of mind. It can be programmed to feed up to 4 meals per day with each meal containing up to 20 servings of 5g each. A 10 second recording can be set to automatically play before each meal is fed, and the feeder is also WiFi enabled for remote monitoring and control.


Product gross weight Product net weight material Approximately 0.97kg Approximately 0.8kg Eco-friendly ABS 5mm-15mm dry food once fed once, about 5g each time Up to 4 meals per day, each meal up to 20 servings, each serving about 5g 10s recording, each Automatically play before meal feeding
Applicable food Manual feeding Automatic feeding Recording
Dual power supply DC5V/1A adapter power supply USB2.0 interface
Metal food tray Memory function 3 AA batteries(Not Included), priority adapter power supply. Removable metal food tray for easy cleaning. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically saves the current feeding parameters. Smart chip, automatic detection of motor stuck function. Protect the motor 17.8cmx16.3cmx32.3cm
Carton size 51cmx 37.5cmx34.5cm


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